SUB South Hills Pump Station

The Springfield Utility Board (SUB) provides municipal water and electric services within the city of Springfield and its immediate context. As part of its water facilities system, SUB operates a series of water reservoirs and pump systems within the MountainGate residential community in the Thurston Hills area of east Springfield. With an on-call contract spanning several years, The Satre Group has provided land use planning and landscape architectural services for several SUB utility projects, including this recent pump station development. Surrounded by residential lots, the pump station is sensitively located, graded and landscaped to blend as well as possible into the neighborhood. (Next up at this same site is the demolition and replacement of an older reservoir and the construction of a new, second reservoir. With these water system additions, water service will become available to a large area of residentially planned and zoned property within the higher elevations of southeast Springfield.)

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